Para Clinical Sciences

B.Sc Physician Assistants

The Physician Assistants are skilled health care providers qualified by advanced academic and clinical training to work cooperatively with Medical and Paramedical staff in developing and implementing the care plan, perform physical exams, order and interpret lab tests, assist surgery, delivering patient care, rehabilitation, treatment, diagnostics and health improvement interventions to restore and maintain optimal physical, psychological and social well being.

The MMM College of Health Sciences , Department of Clinical Sciences Studies – The pioneer has experience in preparing students for the Physician Assistant profession and provides sophisticated didactic and clinical training in all areas of medicine.

The Education methodology includes classroom instruction and Compulsory Clinical Training Practicum in Basic Medical Sciences, clinical medicine, Surgery, all specialization of Medicine, home health care, disease prevention, Medical ethics and ensures one to gain knowledge in all areas of medicine.

Faculty Details

Course Name BSc Physician Assistant
Anatomy, Neurology, Orthopaedics Ms.Mridula CHS, Faculty
Physiology Ms.Akila CHS, Faculty
Biochemistry Ms.Gokila CHS, Faculty
Geriatrics Ms. Lally CHS, Faculty
Clinical Microbiology Dr. Bharathi CHS, Faculty
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ms. Deepa CHS, Faculty
Introduction to Computers Ms.Vanitha CHS, Faculty
Cardiac Surgery Dr. Roy Vargheese MMM, Doctor
Nephrology Dr. Manoj Sha MMM, Doctor
Gastroenterology Dr. Nageshwara Rao MMM, Doctor
Paediatrics Dr. Subha Rajinikanth MMM, Doctor
Technical Writing/Spoken English Patient Oriented Communication Skills Ms. Kusum Visiting faculty
Medicine, Surgery & Anaesthesiology Dr. Vijayalakshmi Visiting faculty
Pharmacology Mr. Veerandra Visiting faculty
Cardiology Dr. Manoharan Visiting faculty
Pulmonology Dr. Persis Visiting faculty

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition is the science and art of feeding individuals based on the principles of Nutrition. It can also be said to be the Science and art of human nutritional care”. Clinical Nutrition and its application in patient related setting is major focus of dietetics. The field of dietetics can be related to

  • 1) Nutrition care and intervention focused on the individual
  • 2) Nutrition care and intervention focused on the group

Clinical Nutrition is the practice of analyzing the consumption of adequate amount of nutrients for good health.

Clinical Nutritionist should be :

  • 1. Planning food and nutrition programmes
  • 2. Supervising meal preparations in hospitals
  • 3. Recommending dietary modification
  • 4. Educating patients on diets that may help their condition
  • 5. Working with other health care professionals to provide a multidisciplinary health care approach
  • 6. Informing on the severity of illness and complications of treatments inclusive of the benefits
  • 7. Active is the patients care as the dietitian reporting on the nutritional status of the patient.

Scope of clinical nutrition / career opportunities:

  • 1. Government sector – They can work with government hospitals, government, health department, school, college, factory and office cafeteria for planning nutritional regiment.
  • 2. Sports and health clubs – They can also work for sports college and athletes camp. Health and recreation club, canteen and nursing care facilities also require of nutritionists.
  • 3. Teaching – the science of of dietetics in colleges and universities is also a good option.
  • 4. Research and development – Conducting Research on various food items to ensure their quality as well as studying the effect of various types of diet
  • 5. Mass media – Nutritionist has wide openings in the mass media (eg T.V. Radio) where top priority is given to disseminding vital information on health living.
  • 6. Gyms, Slimming centers – Nutrition consultant has a unique opportunity to help or develop better eating habits to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals and ultimately maintain healthy and fulfilling lifestyle changes.

Faculty Details

Course Name MSc Clinical Nutrition
Advance Nutrition , Clinical Nutrition & Dietitics , Entrepreneurship and food service management, Clinical Nutrition Practicals, Ms. Lally CHS, Faculty
Principles of Food Science, Applied Nutrition, Public Nutrition Ms. Eunice CHS, Faculty
Applied Physiology Ms. Akila CHS, Faculty
Medical Microbiology Dr. Bharathi CHS, Faculty
Nutritional Biochemistry Ms. Gokila CHS, Faculty
Research Methodology Dr. Shivani CHS, Faculty
Biostatistics Dr. Ezhil Visiting faculty
Dietitics & Clinical Training Ms. Merina Alex MMM, Faculty