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BSc Medical Sociology

Medical Sociology or Sociology of health is a specialization of Sociology, offered at Undergraduate and Post graduate levels. It examines medicine with sociological perspective, using sociological concepts and theories. The primary goals are to solve medical problems and improving medical care through emphasis on the critical role the social factors play in determining or influencing the health of individuals, groups and larger society. It is concerned with action to bring changes in the environment or in the knowledge, attitudes, behavior or health status in the community.

Medical Sociologists get job opportunities in both private and public sectors. They can teach, do research and consultancy in the Government and non-governmental organizations. Graduates can become community health trainer, community development programme officers, work for International organizations in the field of health and social welfare, medical Journalists, design and conduct research studies independently or as a member of a team, researchers in the field of Bio-medical ethics and laws or a team member of epidemiological investigation. In the hospital they can work as health educators, counselors, hospital administrators, patient relations coordinators, International patient care managers, organ transplant counselors, hospice workers, discharge planners, grief counselors, corporate relations and communication managers, medical insurer and medical transcriptionists. Other areas of their employment in both government and non- governmental sectors are Basic life support providers, members of emergency response team and information specialists, rehabilitation counselors, juvenile probation officers, palliative care counselors, employees health and welfare departments,. They can also play an important role at the level of policy, planning and evaluation of social and organizational problems. Their inputs based on in depth understanding of social context can improve the quality of care given by the health organizations and Social Welfare organizations.

Faculty Details

Course Director                                -     Dr.Jothimani .G






Ms.Preethi .G


Ms.Akila .S

Foundations of Sociology 

Ms Anna Anisha 

Social and Health Psychology 

Ms.Adline Miriam

Medical Terminology 

Ms Ananthi. L.R

Basics of Computer 

Ms .Vanitha .M


Ms.Divya .B


Medical Sociology -I

Ms Anna Anisha

Social Problems & Medical Social Work

Dr .Jothimani.G

Community Health & Social Medicine 

Ms.Adline Miriam

Social Research Methods  

Dr .Jothimani.G






Medical Sociology -II

Dr .Jothimani.G

Medical Ethics ,Legal Aspects &Human Rights

Ms.Adline Miriam

Disaster Management &Environmental Studies  

Ms Anna Anisha

Management Principles &Hospital operations 

Ms Jacinth