Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Awards and Prizes

Awards and Prizes

Outstanding Mentor Award

Faculty member who has contributed the maximum for the overall development of the student is given this award

Student Awards

The Presidents Gold Medallion –Awarded to final year student for excelling in academics, disciplines, extracurricular activities

Student Awards – awarded during college day

Rekha Cherian Gold Medal of Excellence: Awarded every year to a student who has manifested outstanding excellence in academics, in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, who has shown leadership skills and who has made exemplary contribution to the MMM College of Health Sciences.

Dr. Christiaan Bernard Award – Awarded to an internee who has excelled during Internship.

Rolling Trophy for Outstanding Class – Awarded to the class which has scored maximum points in aggregate in the areas of attendance, performance in internal exams, games and sports, cultural activities, extra-curricular activities, presentation in seminars etc.


Prizes are also awarded on the sports day and college day celebrations every year:
• For outstanding performances at the various events of sports – indoor and outdoor.
• For best performances in the activities of the arts, music and dramatics.
• For excellent presentations in the Journal club.
• For the best in debates, elocutions, quiz etc. organized by the literary club.