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The Madras Medical Mission (MMM) is an organization inspired by the missionary zeal of Bishop Zachariah Mar Dionysius, Metropolitan of the Madras Diocese of the Orthodox Church of India. Strengthened by the devotion and commitment of the members of this Community at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, who promoted the registered charitable society in 1982, this organisation strives to participate in the healing ministry by seeking to foster an environment of caring, compassion and love, which enables it to respond to patient needs in enviable ways.

From modest beginnings two decades ago, the synergy of proficient practitioners, prudential management and providential guidance has metamorphosed this ISO 9001:2002- certified MMM into an organization of excellence that promotes some of the finest super-specialty tertiary care medical institutions in India , with superlative infrastructure, leading- edge technology and accomplished professionals.


The mission's effort to establish an institution to engage in the Ministry of Healing resulted in setting up its first unit relating to cardiac care in June 1987, in the hired premises of another hospital in the Mecca of Health care in India–Chennai. . Under the patronage of Mother Theresa, this monumental edifice was inaugurated in the presence of luminaries such as Dr. Christiaan, Barnard, pioneer of the Heart Transplant from Africa, Dr. Pantpis Sakornpant, who has done the largest number of heart and lung transplants in Asia and doyens of the cardiac world, Dr. Dominique Metras (France), Sir Terrence English (U.K), Dr. Richard Engelmen (U.S.A), Sir Donald Ross (U.K.) and many more. The hospital is linked with other centers with their telemedicine network to enable sending and receiving digital images, ensuring connectivity with leading institutions for second opinion / referral services.

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