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The MMM College of Health Science today stand as “One of the bench mark organization for conduct of Allied Health Science Programmes. The college trains and develops knowledgeable individuals with core values of sincerity and compassionate concern for the sick and suffering; practically oriented and skilled for creativity and promptness. Affiliated with The T.N.Dr.M.G.R Medical University we now have 7 undergraduate programs and 3 postgraduate programmes

Under the flagship of MMM Academy of Medical Sciences, The Madras Medical Mission continues its 20 year collaboration with BITS Pilani for its pioneering programs in India with B.S Physician Assistant programs. These “MMMites” are setting standards in our country for the cadre of Physician Assistants as an important second line health care professionals to assist the medical professionals in hospitals.


Our unparalleled strength is in the rigorous Inservice training provided in the various departments of our multi-specialty units of the MMM in Chennai Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases(ICVD),The Institute of Reproductive Medicine(IRM) & Women’s Health (WH), Institute of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases(IGLD) & Institute of Kidney Diseases, Urology & Organ Transplantation(IKUT). Highly qualified medical para medical professionals and health administrators as pedagogy through class room teaching and hand on training, empower these young and enthusiastic students with a critical eye for details necessary for decision making by the physicians and surgeons.

Innovative and demanding teaching methods, the extension of theoretical classroom inputs supplemented with ample opportunities for practical application, in addition to paper presentations, In-service rotation and vacation training, Case studies, Seminars, Journal club, Guest lectures, Literary activities, CME programmes, Assignments, Research projects and Industrial visits provide a learning environment that is effective, simulative and enjoyable.


Continuous Assessment of the students in both the theory and Inservice programme insists upon the students self responsibility and increased motivation levels for better performance in the periodic written test, ViVa, Lab diaries and seminars. Periodic students evaluation and feedback of parents at the Parent -Teachers Meets, Mentor- Student meet and parents informal rapport ensure the essential modern day parent-teacher-student connectivity for the holistic growth of the student

Beyond Academics:

All students are members of either one of the houses-Norwood, Ross, Fontan or Glen imbibing in the students team spirit conflict management, and healthy competition among students of linguistics, religious and economic diversity Debates, Elocution, Quiz competition, Music, Song , Dance, Art and sports contests nurture and give opportunities of expression to the latent talents of our students

Continuing Medical Education:

While freshman are groomed particularly to be volunteers in the all year round international & National seminars conducted by his various units of the Madras Medical Mission, the sophomores are compelled to participate in these programme as well as in screening camps for learning beyond the classrooms.

Social Responsibilities

As part of the social responsibility and community health obligations, most of the health related days World Heart Day, World Diabetics Day , Organ donation Day, World Food Day are observed by our students concelebrating the day with the healing units of the Madras Medical Mission, enthusing awareness amidst the public through innovative programmes.